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'Greg Beacham. "We have flexibility , but acquiring land and getting a proper partner and getting prepared in California is a three-, four-year process."Shaikin noted the Angels "explored options" regarding a relocation to Los Angeles, Carson or Irvine, California in 2014 and had singled out Tustin Rollie Fingers Jersey , California, "because of its proximity to the current stadium and fan base."Garvey told theOrange County Register'sScott Schwebkein August 2016 the Angels had abandoned Tustin as a stadium site because"none of the parties could overcome the financial hurdle."Schwebke wrote a new venue in Tustin would've cost anywhere from $500 million to over $1 billion.Granted, opting out of the stadium lease doesn't preclude the Angels from staying in Anaheim. The Angels could use the specter of relocation as leverage to receive a more favorable lease.Were the Angels to actually move, it would signal the end of an era. The Angels have called Angel Stadium home since 1966 , making it the fourth-oldest ballpark in MLB behindFenway Park, Wrigley Field and Dodger Stadium. Mark Brown/Getty ImagesLast offseason, Derek Jeter helped strip the Miami Marlins roster of its best players. Now, he's going after the most identifiable feature of Marlins Park.The Miami Herald's Douglas Hanks reported Tuesday the Marlins received approval fromMiami-Dade County(Florida) to remove the team's home run sculpture from center field. The sculpture will instead sit outside the stadium.Some are sad to see the unique piece go:Jesse Spector jessespectorWhen do you think was the precise moment Derek Jeter started hating fun? Was it when he made the stands catch against the Red Sox?Andy Martino martinonycThis sculpture is a work of art by Red Grooms. Beauty is subjective but to discard this work is so small-minded. Baseball is middle school Dave Henderson Jersey , and Grooms鈥?work was deemed uncool. Art dealer Jeffrey Loria, for his flaws, knew what he was doing here. Ugh ugh ugh IKO5Fg633YJon Heyman JonHeymanagree with martinonyc 100 percent. what jeter knows about art couldnt fill a thimble. jeffrey loria may not have been a great mlb owner but he knew art. and he knew Miami. lrkyaxjR79The sculpture's days were numbered as soon as Jeter and his ownership group took control of the Marlins from Jeffrey Loria."I just don't think they're all that crazy about it," Miami-Dade County MayorCarlos Gimenez said in January regarding the group's attitudes toward the artwork , per Hanks. "I'm not a fan. We're looking at it. ... We'll see if anything can be done."It's too bad the Marlins are doing away with what was one of the trademark features of its stadium. The sculpture wasn't to everybody's tastes, but it helped Marlins Park stand out.On the plus side, the Marlins ranked last in home runs and attendance. More people might actually get to enjoy the home run sculpture once it's outside the ballpark.