FIFA 20 is expected to be presented in the coming weeks  


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04/06/2019 4:52 am  

Playing on the Champions 19 FIFA Championships jacket, along with Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar had subsequently completely overshadowed (in February) the five-fold Portuguese Golden Ball of the football game screens. Surrounded by Paulo Dybala and Kevin De Bruyne, the star of Paris SG seemed to definitely embody the face of the license of EA Sports. But the extra-sport news of the number 10 of Selecao, faced with a charge of rape, could prevent him from becoming the muse of FIFA 20. The case law Cristiano Ronaldo shows that the North American publisher does not take this kind of business lightly. The Juventus striker was indeed banned because of a more or less similar case. After two seasons tarnished by injuries at crucial moments, Neymar has also not scored enough sportsmanship to receive the full support of EA Sports.

On 8 June, during the EA Play convention, we will receive an official preview of FIFA 20. This year EA Sports is preparing a large number of gameplay novelties including, among others, system of applications, SI defense and effectiveness in one-on-one situations. And this is only a small part of the planned novelties and changes in the match engine. FIFA 20 is coming soon. Do you need FIFA 20 Accounts? You can check out our website, the cheapest FIFA 20 Accounts are waiting for you.

FIFA 20 is expected to be presented in the coming weeks, during E3 2019. Although Electronic Arts has not detailed the news of the new release, it has reviewed the improvable aspects of FIFA 19 and highlights those that it hopes to solve in the future. We have paid attention to your comments throughout the year and we want to correct some things that you have indicated to us, others have not been corrected in the last patches and we would like to explain why, says the company.

EA is also making some adjustments to the final football simulation introduced at FIFA 19 for the new football simulation. For example, the green timing window of the timing shots is reduced to make shots more difficult. In addition, there are changes in the precision of timing shots and adjustments to the difficult 180 degree shots. The volley flanks and shots also have some impact on FIFA 20. For example, flanks with a volley or lift are less precise than before. In the meantime, EA promises greater diversity in the header duels. If players jump to the ball and collide in the air, the striker is difficult to score.

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