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The reward is not only less attractive, but the way you receive it is unnecessarily irritated. Azzoth heart rates are so slow that players often receive Azerbaijani armor that requires that their heart be higher than their own WoW Classic Gold. players must then spend exorbitant time leveling their Azerite Hearts to unlock the features of their inventory.

For example, The JavaPirate wrote on Reddit showing his sophisticated (and apparently very powerful) armor, which he found to look like an improvement, but it really is not. The equipment is complicated in Warcraft. Blizzard created a so-called object level system (abbreviated as 'ilvl') to assess the power of the equipment and help players determine what is an improvement or not. TheJavaPirate's new arms have a level of 370, which should be a significant improvement compared to his modest items on level 325, except that his Azeroth Heart is not equal enough to free the armor arrows. For this reason, this amazing equipment is actually a lower version than what it currently bears, and there is no point in opposing the battle for Azeroth's most difficult activities, such as New Uldir's raid, because there is no guarantee that the desired booty that surrenders will be even improvement.

This is not the only problem that people have with the system, if the level of the object is to facilitate learning, when the loot is an improvement, the way in which these features actually work. reverse effect Example: Several players find out that seven-year elements of armor have more power in certain situations, not to mention that players have purchased exactly the same pieces of Azerbaijani armor, which for any reason may have different Azeroth Heart level requirements: Unlock their features, although they are exactly the same object. Some players have acquired Azerba's armor, which, surprisingly, does not even have any features that make the item unusable.

Some smart players have found that bonuses offered by Azerbaijani armor may accumulate and for a certain period of time specifically build their equipment to maximize this potential. As a result, some classes were so tight that for some time Blizzard had to cancel the new season of PvP competitions, while he corrected the problem, so many parts of the Azerbaijan system were broken. the community began to joke about how to ask when the Battle of Azeroth begins, suggesting that it is still in beta.

Searching for powerful spoils is the essence of what makes World of Warcraft a fun game. 'Attacking raid bosses is a nice challenge in itself, but the potential to acquire a new powerful item is really something. Motivates players to connect day after day, more powerful equipment allows you to face more difficult challenges, which Buy Gold in WoW Classic in turn brings more powerful equipment. When this system works, World of Warcraft is a satisfying loop that can make melting hours every night, but Azerite Armor is so broken in its current iteration that it deprives players of motivation to take increasingly difficult actions.