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RPA8000 Rubber Process Analyzer is designed to measure the properties of polymers and rubber compounds before, during and after cure by dynamically changing frequency, stress, and temperature so that the processability, vulcanization properties, physical properties of polymers and rubber compounds. It can test rubber compound, crude rubber, and other thermoplastic elastomers.
The RPA is very highly sensitive and can detect the change in properties caused by a little composition change during production. It is characterized by easy operation, time saving, cost saving, high efficiency and multifunction, so it has been widely and flexibly used to replace many traditional equipment and tests in many areas.
ASTM-D5289、ASTM-D6204、ASTM-D6601、GB/T 16584、ISO-6502

Key Technical Data                                         
Temp. Range: Ambient temp.~230°C
Temp. Control:Specialized micro processor, fast heating and cooling
Temp. Accuracy :±0.3°C
Min. temp. reading: 0.1°C
Heating rate : 30℃~190℃ < 6 min
Temp. returning index: Takes about 50 sec to reach the set value after placing specimen and closing dies.
Oscillation strain: ±0.14~±1256% (Angle ±0.01°~±90°) Driven by direct-driven servomotor
Oscillation frequency: 0.02~33 Hz (0.1~2000 rpm) Driven by direct-driven servomotor
Torque range: 0.001~225 dN–m (0~200 lb-in)
Units of measure
a) Torque:S*, S`, S" (N-m, dN-m, lb-in, kg-cm)
b) Shear modulus:G*, G`, G" (Pa, MPa, psi)
c) Temp:°C, °F
d) Frequency:cpm, Hz, rad/s
e) Strain:arc, %
f) Optional calculated results:η`, η", η*, j`, j", j*, tamδ
◆ Subset types
A) Vulcanization test (fixed temp vulcanization, variable temp. vulcanization, static vulcanization, fixed torque vulcanization,
B) Sweep (including strain sweep, temp. sweep, frequency sweep, matrix timed test, etc.)
C) Stress relaxation
◆ Pressure : 3.6 kg/cm2 (0.36 MPa) prepared customer
◆ Dimension (W×D×H): Main unit 68×80×3250px
◆ Weight(approx.):  Main unit 220kg
◆ Power : 1∮,AC 220V,7.5A (Specified by user) Deviations from these ranges may affect performance.Rheological Properties Tester factory

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