KlirrFactory WonkySEQ – Organic Drum Sequencer

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WonkySEQ is a 16 step, 5 track drum sequencer which let’s you set probabilities for every sequenced step. Every successful sequenced step allows you to set the probability between 2 outputs – so you can use 2 different sounds (i.e. 2 kicks changing randomly). You can choke tracks, change the probability for all sequenced steps (for all tracks), fix steps -sot they will be played even if the overall probability is set to 0.
All this combined with the Wonky Clock section let’s you make very organic and unique grooves with a few clicks.
Check out the demos on Youtube ^^.

WonkySEQ is included in the Titanium Edition and of course in the Hall Of Fame Edition.

System Requirements:

Windows 8.1 or higher
macOS 10.13 or higher (lower versions not tested yet)
LINUX  (tested with Ubuntu 18.04)

Unzip in  your documents/Rack/plugins folder.



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