KlirrFactory WonkySEQ – Organic Drum Sequencer & OctaSampler

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WonkySEQ is a 16 step, 5 track drum sequencer which let’s you set probabilities for every sequenced step. Every successful sequenced step allows you to set the probability between 2 outputs – so you can use 2 different sounds (i.e. 2 kicks changing randomly). You can choke tracks, change the probability for all sequenced steps (for all tracks), fix steps -so they will be played even if the overall probability is set to 0.
All this combined with the Wonky Clock section let’s you make very organic and unique grooves with a few clicks.

New in V1.1.0:
A+B Gate Output
CV In for Fixed Steps
A brand new CV Out Section with Probability Parameter and Input which sets the probability that a set Control Voltage gets a random value – so you can change the CV Out for every Track from 100% original up to 100% random, and a Range Parameter which allows you to set the CV Out range in Octaves/Volts.
And last but not least another Gate Output which sends a Gate for every set step ignoring all probability settings.

OctaSampler is an 8 voice (track) stereo sampler designed to work perfectly with WonkySEQ. It can receive the first 8 triggers from WonkySEQ via polyphonic connection.
Features for every single Voice:

  • Playback with CV In
  • Stop Playback with CV In
  • Loop
  • Reverse Sample with CV In
  • set Sample Start with CV In
  • set Sample End with CV In
  • Mute, Volume and Pan with CV In
  • Single Stereo Output
  • Stereo Insert
  • End Of Cycle (EOC) Output

OctaSampler is compatible with VCMMeters – If you own any payed KlirrFactory Edition or OverDub you have those meters already. If not they are included as extra download.
At least QctaSampler has a stereo Master Out and a polyphonic Output that sends all 8 stereo Voices. This Output works great with OverDub (set the inputs to STEREO).

Check out the demos on Youtube ^^.

WonkySEQ is included in the Titanium Edition and of course in the Hall Of Fame Edition.

System Requirements:

Windows 8.1 or higher
macOS 10.13 or higher (lower versions not tested yet)
LINUX  (tested with Ubuntu 18.04)

Unzip in  your documents/Rack/plugins-v1 folder.



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