KlirrFactory Mr.Q – Instrument for VCV Rack

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Mr.Q is a unique instrument based on bandpass filters. Mr.Q has up to 8 double (serial) resonant, VC tunable bandpass filters that allow you to create sounds from ambient textures over fine lead voices to absurd sub basses. It’s hard to explain – so check the demo videos.
Mr.Q has 3 sequencers, a Q compressor, a up to 40 stages Wavefolder, Soft and Hard Clip and a bunch of controls for every of the 8 channels.
Be aware that this instrument can get crazy on high Q or Feedback values – but believe – it’s a lot of fun!

Mr.Q is included in KlirrFactory Hall Of Fame Edition.

Mr.Q is also available as VST plugin.

IMPORTANT! Mr.Q can output really high voltages (levels) – so take care of your ears, speakers, children, cats and neighbors!

System Requirements:

Windows 10
OS X 10.7 or higher
Linux (tested with Ubuntu 18.04)


Unzip in  your documents/Rack/plugins-v1 folder.


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