KlirrFactory Mr.Q, GrainOSC, BitSEQ, BitOSC, MorphOSC 2, MorphOSC and Modular Mixer for VCV Rack – Hall Of Fame Edition

$50.00 $40.00


You are crazy and cash means nothing to you? That’s your edition!
The KlirrFactory Hall OF Fame Edition for VCV Rack includes the following modules:
Mr.Q, GrainOSC, BitSEQ, BitOSC, MorphOSC 2, MorphOSC, Wavemaker, The Clock, Clock Multiplier, VC4, VC8, VCM, VC8Meters, VCMMeters, SND, SNDcv and -12dB and the KlirrFactory Hall Of FAME Panel.
Your name and if you want a link to your homepage (or YT channel or what ever) will appear in the Hall Of Fame.

System Requirements:

Windows 10
OS X 10.7 or higher
Linux (tested with Ubuntu 18.04)


Unzip to documents/Rack/plugins.

For V 0.6.0 and higher:
The KlirrFactoryPresets folder contains now Wavemaker and the presets. So the waveform  folder changed to documents/KlirrFactoryPresets/MorphOSC. If you have own waveforms – copy them there.

GrainOSC has an update so install GrainOSC V 0.6.3 after installing the Hall Of Fame edition.

If you already have installed the KlirrFactoryPresets folder – don’t copy this one to the plugins folder!


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