KlirrFactory Hall Of Fame Edition – All VST/AU/Rack – and all upcoming plugins

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The KlirrFactory Hall Of Fame Edition contains ALL KlirrFactory VST and VCV Rack plugins. All future releases will be added here for free!
The KlirrFactory Hall OF Fame Edition for VCV Rack includes the following modules for Rack:
OctaSampler ,Distroy, OverDub, Garbage In, WonkySEQ, Mr.Q, GrainOSC, BitSEQ, BitOSC, MorphOSC 2, MorphOSC, Wavemaker, Wonky, The Clock, Clock Multiplier, VC4, VC8, VCM, VC8Meters, VCMMeters, SND, SNDcv and -12dB and the KlirrFactory Hall Of FAME Panel.


Plateau VST/AU
Mr.Q Synth & Mr.Q FX VST/VST3 for Windows & Mac

System Requirements:

Windows 8.1
OS X 10.7 or higher
Linux (tested with Ubuntu 18.04)

Installation MrQ VST: Unzip plugins to your VST and VST3 folder. Save te Wavetables folder wherever you’ll find it again.

Installation (Rack modules):

Unzip in  your documents/Rack/plugins-v1 folder.

For V 0.6.0 and higher:
The KlirrFactoryPresets folder contains now Wavemaker and the presets. So the waveform  folder changed to documents/KlirrFactoryPresets/MorphOSC. If you have own waveforms – copy them there.

GrainOSC has an update so install GrainOSC V 0.6.3 after installing the Hall Of Fame edition.

If you already have installed the KlirrFactoryPresets folder – don’t copy this one to the plugins folder!

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