KlirrFactory NoiseZillator – sample based stereo VCO for VCVRack

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NoiseZillator is a sample based stereo VCO for VCV Rack.
Load any stereo sample into NoiseZillator and the fun starts.
Depending on the loaded sample, NoiseZillator will calculate a squarish waveform which you can modify with the FORM knob to a more triangle like one.
With the SPREAD knob you can spread the wave from mono to very wide stereo.
The DETUNE parameter allows you to detune the waveform. Okay – actually you’ll detune a mix of 9 more or less different stereo waveforms. There are 2 DETUNE MODES: By default you detune arround the original tune. The other mode detunes in one direction only. DETUNE will enhance your sound, giving it depth and richness with low settings. Using higher settings – ugh – just try it 😀
Another unique feature ist the DEPAN function which positions the waveforms in the stereo field. This is fun but may result in sounds that are not mono compatible. You may check this with the ST/M/L switch (L stands for “left” – so if you need mono compatibility and want a noticible effect – this may be your choice).
Alls Parameters have VC inputs with attenuators.
Other features:
HardSync and SoftSync with DIVIDE parameter.
SubOscillator with Octave, Waveform and ToMix parameter.

NoiseZillator is included  in the Hall Of Fame Edition.

System Requirements:

Windows 10 (lower versions not tested yet)
macOS 10.13 or higher (lower versions not tested yet)
LINUX  (tested with Ubuntu 20.04)

Unzip in  your documents/Rack/plugins-v1 folder.



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