KlirrFactory MorphOSC 2 & WaveMaker for VCV Rack

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MorphOSC 2 is a 8 Voice morphing Wavetable VCO for VCV Rack that allows you to morph between 8 free selectable Waveforms. It comes with around 200 Waveforms but you are free to record up to 8.000 own Waveforms (the first 2.000 Waveforms are still reserved) with the included WaveMaker.
The 8 single VCOs are full featured with Phase Modulation, Thru Zero FM, Bit Crusher, FM, Sub Oscillator, the possibility to be (un)linked with the global Hard and Soft Sync. Every VCO can be set to be an LFO as well.
MorphOSC 2 can be set completely to be an 8 stages LFO.


60 VC Inputs
70 Atenuators
40 Buttons/Switches
9 Audio Outputs

Morphing between the 8 VCO Outputs with Attenuator or VC Input.

V/Oct Input
Tune Input
Tune Attenuator
Octave Attenuator
Morph Attenuator
FM Input & Attenuator
Soft Sync Input & Attenuator
Hard Sync Input & Attenuator
LFO Mode (switchs all VCOs to LFO)

8 VCO with:

V/Oct Input
Tune Attenuator
Octave Input & Attenuator
Phase Modulation Input & Attenuator
Thru Zero FM Input and Attenuator (set to 1V to be “neutral”)
Thru Zero FM Symmetry Input & Attenuator
Bit Crush Attenuator
FM Input & Attenuator
Select Buttons for global Hard and Soft Sync
Button for LFO mode
Sub Oscillator (Square) up to -3 octaves selectable with an Attenuator

MorphOSC2 and WaveMaker are included in KlirrFactory Platinum Edition, Titanium Edition and Hall Of Fame Edition.

System Requirements:

Windows 10
OS X 10.7 or higher
Linux (tested with Ubuntu 18.04)


Unzip first and copy the folders to to documents/Rack/plugins.

For V 0.6.0 and higher:
The KlirrFactoryPresets folder contains now Wavemaker and the presets. So the waveform  folder changed to documents/KlirrFactoryPresets/MorphOSC. If you have own waveforms – copy them there.

If you already have  installed the KlirrFactoryPresets folder – don’t copy this one to the plugins folder!


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