KlirrFactory OverDub – MultiTrack Recording for VCV Rack

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OverDub is the all in one audio multitrack recording solution for VCV Rack.
Record as many Channels as you want, play them back, add as many CV controllable AUX sends as you want.
OverDub contains 5 modules (at the moment):
OverDub is a 8 Stereo Channel Recording and Playback module.
Control serves a MasterClock and Recording/Playback Control when you use more than one OverDub.
MuSe is a CV controllable AUX Send/Mixer module.
SUM sums your Outputs together.
VCMMeters – Meterbridge for OverDub,MuSe and VCM (KlirrFactory Modular Mixer)

Overdub manages up to 32 projects (at this time) with 32 Recording Slots each,

OverDub is included  in the Hall Of Fame Edition.

NEW IN V1.1:
2 new modules: OUT an Outbreak box and SND an simple AUX Send Strip
Input Gain for every channel
Select between 8bit, 16bit or 24bit recordings
MONO Switch for the master out to check Mono Compatibility
PreMute Poly Output (to us FX as Insert)

System Requirements:

Windows 8.1 or higher
macOS 10.13 or higher (lower versions not tested yet)
LINUX  (tested with Ubuntu 18.04)

Unzip in  your documents/Rack/plugins-v1 folder.



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