KlirrFactory BitOSC for VCV Rack

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BitOSC is a unique 1-8 Bit digital VCO for VCV Rack that allows you to create your own waveforms.
Waveforms are calculated from 8 24bit rows which result in a 24 segment waveform with a maximal resolution of 8 bit per segment – sounds difficult but is easy – check the Overview Video.
Each of the 8 rows can be shifted with Triggers to get sequenced changes in the waveform.
The Bit Manipulation inputs allow you the smooth the wave and to proceed logical operations like AND, OR, NOT, XOR and more. All this of course voltage controlled if you want.

BitOSC is full featured with FM, Thru Zero FM, Hard Sync, Soft Sync and Sub Oscillator.

BitOSC is included in KlirrFactory  Titanium Edition and Hall Of Fame Edition.

System Requirements:

Windows 10
OS X 10.7 or higher
Linux (tested with Ubuntu 18.04)


Unzip in  your documents/Rack/plugins-v1 folder.


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